Challenge For Better Future !

Inwoo Eco focuses on developing Eco-Friendly technology for the future market.
For our next generation, Inwoo Eco will keep challenging to create better future with our technology!

Inwoo Corporation has continued to develop new technology since it was established on April 6, 1993.

Starting in 2006, we prepared an identity as a second startup and established R&D center. 

Based on this, we decided to develop a solid product that proves the future environmental industry.

Inwoo Eco started by establishing a technology research institute through human division of Inwoo Corporation.

We are a system environment company that utilizes ozone for water treatment and surrogate treatment.


Inwoo Eco, a global eco-friendly company

A good environment is an important foundation that must be maintained for our lives.

The world is developing for innovative technology and a better life, but the reality is that the environment is gradually deteriorating.

The closer you are to nature, the farther away you become from illness, and the further away you are from nature, the closer you become to illness. At Inwoo Eco, we research and develop eco-friendly technologies.

We are trying to create a better environment.


Inwoo Eco is with you to create better technology and a better environment in the world.

Beyond being an environmental equipment company, Inwoo Eco is also demonstrating its capabilities in global business to establish itself as a company that represents global eco-friendliness.

Starting with our corporation in Shanghai, China in 2007, we have been challenging and carrying out business in various countries.

Through Inwoo's products that combine technology with eco-friendliness, we will establish ourselves as the best partner by achieving global success and reputation for our customers.


Inwoo Eco, a global leader adding growth to growth

Inwoo Eco utilizes its expertise in the water treatment field through research and efforts to create a better future value than today, and has been recognized for its technology by developing ozone generators and ion exchange fiber beads with superior efficiency and price competitiveness compared to foreign products and other companies with its own technology. Patents and certifications have been obtained.

Inwoo Eco Co., Ltd. will establish itself as an eco-friendly company that pursues a healthy life for customers and the harmony of technology through continuous research and challenges.


Thank you.
Inwoo Eco